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    Flex 2 + Yahoo API problemmo....

      Hi there,

      I've put together an application which incorporates the Yahoo! Maps API. More info regarding that can be found here - the problem I am experiencing at the moment is with markers I've added to the yahoo map not functioning properly when incorporated into Flex 2. After adding a marker to the map from within the Flash 8 environment and then running it (ctrl + enter), everything works like it should - the marker displays correctly and when clicked, provided it has a description, the marker expands to display the description.

      After publishing the API from Flash 8 and loading it into Flex, the map works like it should but the markers do not expand to display the description after clicking on one. I find I have to keep clicking on the marker i want to expand loads of times to get it to expand at least once (if i'm lucky). Is there a workaround or some fix for this? A working example of what I'm trying to achieve can be viewed here. Launch the site and click on any marker displayed on the map - it expands properly containing links - question is, was that application developed in Flex?

      Any help on this would be grand.

      Thanks for your time,

      - Tony