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    Which version do I need?



      I don't have Photoshop but figured the best way to find out about Photoshop is to ask people who actually use it. I was wondering if it's possible to script tags and make alphas with it. When I used Paint Shop Pro I just downloaded a script, put it in PSP and made siggy  tags.  >Multiple Tags Generator

      Is there anything like that for Photoshop? I also used a script to make alphas. Does Photoshop have a script for that?

      Even if they're not called scripts, just a way to keep from repeating repetitive actions.

      If I can do that in Photoshop I'd buy it so if it does that please tell me which one I need. I'm not a graphic designer and don't need anything too complicated.



      Thanks in advance for any help!

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Ironically enough, in photoshop it is called actions. Majority of your repetitive steps can be put into an action, including most menu items.

          Photoshop has transparency and alpha channels. In photoshop they are not necessarily tied to each other. You can have transparency with an alpha channel, and you can have multiple channels without any transparency. It sounds a bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is quite simple.

          Photoshop has a couple of commands one it batch and the other is image processor, these allow you to take a folder of images and apply simple operations like different format or its scale. They also allow the use of actions, for more power.

          As for tags or metadata text, Photoshop comes with Bridge a file viewer, that can be very handy when you need to rename a batch of files, or set a batch of metadata text, like the copyright, your name, etc. By selecting a group of images then applying a template that you created with your text.