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    Help with ScrollPane.complete

    Bob Pierce Level 1
      I've created a test swf with a ScrollPane component that successfully loads a movieclip. The code below is taken directly from the Language Reference but doesn't generate a trace output. I wondered if loading completed too quickly so I put a large JPEG in picHolder but still no trace output.

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          I am having the same problem. Did you ever get a resolution?
          Thanks - Pete
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            Bob Pierce Level 1
            Never got to the bottom if it. Did find, perversely, that if the content path file didn't exist eg was misspelled as picXolder, then the listener fired and produced the trace "picXolder has completed loading" !

            I gave up on this and wrote my own scroller function when I found that with the ScrollPane component, contentPath can't point to a movieClip instance. It has to be a symbol in the library or a JPEG. This means you can't assemble or modify the content at run time.