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    Rasterising in a 3d comp

    lornaimw Level 1

      Hi all


      I'm using the beam effect on a solid layer witihin a precomposed 3D comp. At the minute I'm not happy with how crisp the lines are looking, it needs to be rasterised.


      When I try to rasterise this, the effect vanishes on the comp I'm working in (which has no camera) and I can see it then when I hop out into my main comp with the camera, but it's a lot smaller and in the wrong place etc.


      Why would this be happening? Is there some way I can make it be in the correct points and visible in all comps?


      I'm using the magic string script :Freebies — Mt. Mograph


      I have used connect layers else where and really don't want to have to re do these


      Thanks for any info

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You didn't give us much to go on but the problem is probably that you have cameras in your pre-comp. When you collapse transformations and you have a 3D layer inside the pre-comp the main comps 3D camera is used and any camera in the nested comp will be ignored. You'll have to remove the camera in the nested comp.


          If that is not what is going on then you'll have to provide a screenshot with all the properties in your pre-comp visible, with the layers revealed in your pre-comp,  and an accurate description of your project.

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            lornaimw Level 1

            Ok here goes. It's hard to explain as there's a lot going on.


            There's no camera in my pre comp, but here is the basic details/ what makes the most sense.

            Capture1.JPGCapture2.JPGThese two are from within the precomp. This doesnt have a camera but items are set to 3d and rasterized where possible. You can see how when I select rasterise it just disappears. And you can also see how it needs to be rasterized.




            These two pictures are from my master comp, this comp has the camera and controllers as you can see at the top, and also other comps in. The selected comp is the problem, it has the 3d and rasterize switches set too.



            No idea whats going wrong here!


            Thanks for your reply Rick

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If the beams are created with the Beam effect on 2d layers, you can't use the continuously rasterize option on them. What you can do is apply that to a much larger solid and scale it down in the precomp.

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                lornaimw Level 1

                Ok, so there is no way of scaling up the beam effect as is on the solid? ( I don't want to go in and start ruining hours of hard word!)


                The reason I'm using this effect is because of the script, it uses the beam effect but also expressions to control the start and end points which I can't get the same control over other wise.


                I shall have to have a play or get over it! I don't think it's THAT noticeable...