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    trouble loading xml data into swf that loads into swf

    Art Lazaar Level 1
      I have a main movie (siteIndex) into which I load a second swf (courseDetails) that calls upon an XML file (courseDetails.xml) to load a series of swfs (pages) that are populated with external text.

      The folder structure is thus: root (where the siteIndex movie is located) > courses > details (where the second movie, the xml file and all of the single page movies are located)

      When I run the second movie on its own (courseDetails) everything works as it should. But when I go to the main movie (siteIndex) and run (courseDetails), I get the message 'can't load XML' and it indicates that the XML should be located in the main movie folder. Or that the full path is not specified.

      This is the code that loads the second movie:

      this.createEmptyMovieClip("mc_2", 10);
      mc_2._x = 213;
      mc_2._y =159;

      The second movie uses a component that has one parameter, which is the path to the XML file that loads the individual pages.

      When I change the parameter to the path from the siteIndex movie (courses/details/courseDetails.xml), the component loads and then informs me that it can't load the first page.swf (and obviously any subsequent pages). The error mesasage again suggests that the pages should be located in the root folder.

      Is there a way to solve this problem and leave the correct relative pths in place?

      Many thanks in advance.

      Kevin Price