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    How to fix render issue while using offset effect?


      Hi all,

      So I have this little Photoshop scene where the layers have been painted in a way that it can pan forever... I brought it into After Effects to test it out by placing an Offset Effect on each of the 6 layers. Realizing that I wanted a rotation control, I pick whipped an expression angle controller and changed the Y to the the position it was originally at to keep consistent.  All of the layers work as expected with the code except the very first one, Layer 6. Layer 6 is set to rotate -200 times in 36 seconds. About 18 seconds it stops animating but I noticed the numbers continue to go up. Will I just have to duplicate the layer or can I avoid such? This is AE cs6.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Providing you didn't just ruin out of revolutions you may have just reached a harmonic that visually stoops the rotation. Sometimes you do run out of numbers AE can calculate.


          Let's examine your problem. 36 seconds at 29.97fps is 1079 frames. 200 revolutions is 72000º.  That means your image rotates 66.7284523º per frame.  Mathematically, that would be exactly the same as 5.395º per frame. Depending on your frame rate you could probably cut the number of rotations down to less than 50 and achieve the same look. If you wanted a radical motion blur you could just precompose the layer and CC Force Motion Blur and jack up the shutter angle. If it were my project I'd just add a simple expression to the rotation property. Something like time*666 would do it.

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            StormyHowls Level 1

            Thank you very much for your answer, Rick. The time expression did work well. I tried to bring up the variable more too to make it faster and it stopped again. At least this time it stopped around 25 seconds. Since this is just a test to see how it's suppose to look, I cut it at 20 seconds. Not trying to spend so much time on a test when I still have flash characters to animate..

            Thanks again, I'll be adding what you've told me into my notes.