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    Convert FLV to Screen Saver

    jakeZ1000 Level 1

      I've built a video screen saver for a client using After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder and SWF & FLV Toolbox 4 (FLV & SWF Converter - convert SWF to AVI, SWF to GIF, SWF to JPG, FLV). It's an app that converts .flv and swf files into .scr files. The .scr file works just fine on every machine, and multiple operating systems with the exception of the clients machine, of course. The clients machine just displays a white screen instead of playing the video. Any idea what might be causing this? Or, do you know of any other safe, reputable .flv, swf, or video to .scr converters out there? I've found plenty of freeware converters, but I don't trust them. Screen savers have all but vanished, so finding legit software has been difficult.