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    UI Scaling issue in Fireworks


      I have a user that got a windows 8 laptop with one of the hi res displays. She has been having issues with Adobe Fireworks shrinking the toolbars so that all of the tools are crammed together and you cannot read the text.


      Other programs like adobe reader are fine.


      I know that this has become a common problem with the HiRes displays. Most of the research I have done turned up blogs where people just complain about it with no real solutions.


      I have tried checking the options, or seeing if i can drag the toolbars but it does not let me




      I was wondering if there were any modifiers I could add to the shortcut to change the resolution it is opened in, and if that would fix it, or if there are 3rd party programs I could launch it with that would fix the issue.


      Any suggestions would be helpful.