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    Terrible Support

    itakimasu Level 1

      I have purchased adobe Creative Suite on Friday. My previous cloud I had through the company has expired. I have chatted with Custome's support and asked them if I can use the same ID, The answer was yes. After I paid over $ 600 for Adobe cloud I was unable to get the cloud working.  Customers service has told me that there is an issue with having an ID as a team and now as an individual. Since it was Friday, they told me it will take about 48 hours to resolve this problem and that they have to give it to their ID Department. If I was going to request the refund, it would take 7 days for money to return. Which I have found out unacceptable. I have been without the creative cloud the entire weekend when I was suppose to work on the project. Finally after about 5 attempts to connect with customers care they hav egot it working. Their apology was that they gave me 3 extra days of membership "free". I have been extremely frustrated and definitely expect a lot better service than that from Adobe. So lesson learned: If you have an ID registered under the TEAM membership and ever decided to continue as an individual member, use different ID to avoid this. I wish Adobe will either fix the or warn their clients.