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    Wrong Adobe ID associated with my DRM protected books

    Elliek2017 Level 1

      At one point in time I had two Adobe IDs. One of these was used to register my purchased DRM epub books. Recently we were permitted to have only 1 Adobe ID so one of these was dropped and my purchases of Adobe software etc. were migrated to that ID. The other one was dropped. Unfortunately that dropped ID was the one under which my reader was registered to read the DRM books. Now that I have purchased a new device and migrated the books, I am unable to read those books as they were not purchased under the present ID and I cannot authorize the device under the old ID. I have authorized the device under the single ID, but cannot read the books. The books were purchased from the Sony Reader store (now closed) which is now Kobo. But they cannot help me presumably with an Adobe ID issue.


      Please help as I have a lot of books that I have purchased that I can't access.