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    RoboHelp - how to create Number1 and Number list styles?


      In RoboHelp 11, I have multi-level lists and normal lists. The multi-level list will continue numbering after a break in the list, like so:


      1. step one

      2. step two


      3. step three


      If I want step three to start a new list, I go to the HTML and manually add a start="1" attribute. The normal list will start over at 1 after each break, and if I want it to continue I need to add a start attribute for wherever I left off.


      What I want is what I use in FrameMaker: a list style for Number1 that I can add when I want to restart lists, and a Number/Number_next for continuing where I left off, without having to manually alter the HTML. I feel like I'm missing something because I can't find an option to create a list like this in the CSS editor, and I can't figure out what to add manually to the CSS file in a text editor that makes RoboHelp recognize what I want it to do. But obviously the option exists because the multi-level list and the normal list exhibit both behaviors that I want.