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    XML Roots


      Hi there,

      I am new to using XML in InDesign CC. I have created a main root but am wondering if you can make multiple roots in the same document.

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          MW Design Level 5

          You don't need two root elements, but there's nothing magical about the name "root," it's just traditional.


          If you are new at using XML, I would recommend some guided lessons. there are some on lynda.com, Adobe has one or two on their web site (I can dig up links if you cannot find them, but Help should work in locating them). And there are a few books on the subject that can take you in-depth fairly well. One such book is XML for Designers:




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            EternalSpankJam Level 1

            Thanks for the info! The only reason we wanted a second root was for organization purposes. We have a huge structure under one current root and are going to be importing a second large structure. We thought it would be beneficial hierarchically to have them both on the same level. Is there any way to do that? Maybe it is not a root but we just do not want this large xml structure to be nested in the main root that is currently in our document. Thanks again!

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              MW Design Level 5

              Well, without actually seeing the XML and what you are wanting to accomplish, how about a tentative, Yes, you can have multiple Root elements in the one ID file.


              There will be a main Root. But you can have multiple XML files, each with a root element. I have an ID file I prepared for another inquiry, so I took an annotated screen shot below. Each and every table in this file is actually a separate XML file. And they can be altered and updated individually as well, as long as you link to the sources.




              Instead of even a tentative, Yes, a Probably, Maybe, ... is in order!