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    When I try to start up LR (4.4) I get 'assertion failed'.


      I have read what is said about the problem in this forum. However the solutions mentioned do not work, the seem to be mainly for LR5.4.I have LR  4.4 / 64 bits on a PC with Windows.


      I have opened the same catalog with the same version of LR some days ago before shutting down the computer. Startup as administrator does not work. My Pictures directory is in the place it should be. (also not changed). I managed to startup another catalog and then tried to swith to my main catalog.


      That failed and since then I can not open any catalog, including various backups, so it is not the catalog that is corrupt. Ofcourse I restarted the PC several times. I can also acces my roaming data.


      Theo Molenaar the Netherlands