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    pausing a film loop

    Level 7
      About a week and a half ago, I asked if a film loop can be paused (in
      this forum) and was told to try something like the following :
      tell sprite(x) to go to the frame - 1

      I tried
      on mouseUp me
      tell sprite(me.spriteNum) to go the frame - 1

      That did not work.

      Is there any other way to pause a film loop?


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          johnAq Level 1
          Mediamacros have a behavior that can control film loops.


          It's pre-MX2004 Lingo, but should at leasr give you a good start point


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            Level 7
            Add the following to a behavior script and attach it to your filmLoop.
            Once done, you can send messages to the filmLoop like:
            sendAllSprites(#mSetPaused, TRUE)
            to pause it and:
            sendAllSprites(#mSetPaused, FALSE)
            to start it again.
            property spriteNum
            property my
            property myMember
            --property frameCount
            property bPaused

            on beginSprite me
            my = sprite(spriteNum)
            myMember = my.member
            bPaused = FALSE
            -- tell my to frameCount = the lastFrame

            on exitFrame me
            if bPaused then
            tell my to go to the frame - 1
            end if

            on mSetPaused me, isPaused
            bPaused = isPaused
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              Level 7
              Thanks JohnAQ and Sean.

              Sean - I tried your behavior. The problem is that it pauses in the frame
              of the score, I want just the film loop to pause. I actually have
              multiple film loops playing together. So, your behavior will pause all of
              them (even if the behavior is just atached to one).

              johnAq - do you know anything more about the mediamacros behavior? It's
              very complex (for me) and so I can't work out how to pause it. I tried
              adding the folloiwng to the bottom of the behavior:
              on mouseUp
              set state = #playing
              loopTimes = 1

              That actually did pause the film loop but it played it until the end of
              the loop then stopped. i want it to pause at the place you click it.