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    Color Management


      Hi, I am having the issue of the colors not matching the project once rendered out. I did see some previous forum posts, but none see to help...although I may have narrowed it down..



      When in the After Effects workspace, in the video viewer, going to the "Show Channel and Color Management Settings"....when selecting "Use Display Color Management", I am seeing the colors I want. The HDTV Rec. 709 is also selected (which I choose in the project settings).



      However, once exported, the colors are accurate to when "Use Display Color Management" is not selected. I have messed around with the render settings, made sure the proper color management was selected...but getting same results for both AVI and DnxHD QT.



      I'm sure it's probably an easy fix, just a bit of a newbie. Below are links to the images I described. Thank you for the help.





      Correct Image




      Image once exported