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    Images chopped off when creating a mobi file with kindlegen from inDesign epub


      I'm having difficulty with a reflowable ebook project which includes line drawing illustrations. They are mainly looking good all sized at 600px wide (all greyscale gifs under 127k) and exporting with object export options set to CSS: relative to text flow. Where they fall in the middle of text on a page they look great, most are landscape format, wider than they are tall. However once they are exported if they fall near the bottom of the page they just disappear off the page, in some cases you just catch a tiny glimpse of the top and the rest has gone, it does not appear on the following page. I've tried a variety of export combinations include page breaks before, after and before and after and it's just not making a difference.

      I'm using Indesign CC (2014) on a mac and then opening with Kindle previewer and letting kindlegen convert to a .mobi. If I open the epub with digital editions the same thing is occurring. It is an mobi file I need at the end of the process. It seems to happen whatever device I use to emulate the preview on The Kindle previewer and illustrations may appear whole in one view then disappear on another, depending on how it's reflowing. I've also sent it to my kindle and it's definitely chopping the images off on that.

      Is there anyway I can ensure the whole image is displayed, I thought adding a page break before would do it but this doesn't seem to be working I'd even live with the nasty gaps that would give me. I've applied paragraph styles, object styles and looked at the export options, wondering if I've got in a mess here somehow - what takes priority?

      I'd like to do this in inDesign, I have looked at the code in sigil and can only tell that the images are consistently coded, not sure how they should read.

      Any help with this would be great as I'm going round and round now!