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    Does Adobe even have support for subscribers?

    RZPerforma Level 1

      I have AfterEffects CC and after effects takes 3-5 mins to launch after double-clicking the icon.


      Constantly "connecting to dynamic link server" in Media Encoder.


      Exporting from AfterEffects to Media Encoder either takes 10 mins  and sometimes the project still won't show up in the ME queue, or ME doesn't open.


      These issues have been going on for better part of a year.  No updates have resolved the problems.


      What is a paying customer supposed to do?  Really, I mean professionals all over the world use these products and can't get support?  The online chat is not available despite the fact that chat hours are advertised.  and the 800# to call them is missing the last digit!  1-800-xxx-xxx  instead of 1-800-xxx-xxxX.