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    Photoshop Motion Workspace Import Layer/Group

    Rob A1

      Rather than having hundreds of layers in a movie file, I want to edit (rough trim, sound whatever), save or copy those sections or chapters as separate files, then import those edited video groups (even if it is flattened as a dot PSD file) into the separate overall movie file timeline for final arranging and editing.

      Obviously one cant just Ctrl C, Ctrl V a layer or group because that copies and dumps the original raw clip not the edited clip, into the time line.

      There's probably a simple answer but I cant manage to import a dot PSD file to another file. All I can do is render a file to video, which means selecting codecs and output settings, then import that file. Gets pretty unwieldy.

      Does anyone have any tips. Im on Photoshop whatever they are calling the monthy renter, and its fine for what I am doing. I don't have premier pro.


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I don't have premier pro.


          Yeah, but you're working like a movie editor or more to the point mimic a compositing workflow like in After Effects. Makes no sense. Either you live with the limitations imposed by PS or you really need to move on. And contrary to your point, working with intermediate render files is not "unwieldy", it's actually a common standard workflow in the video world.



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            Rob A1 Level 1

            Im not a movie editor so I might not be explaining myself correctly.

            All I am trying to do is join several separate .psd documents together, or the results of them (clips?), whether it is something as simple as a trim, transformation, transition, effect, a layer adjustment of the raw footage. I am more than happy with the results I can achieve in photoshop.

            Are you saying you cant import the results of one photoshop motion .psd edit, into another and that I have to render it out to a finished movie format before bringing it back into another open .psd file? I honestly thought Id done it in a previous iteration of photoshop but I could be mistaken. It could have been a layer effect. Im lucky if I edit more than a few short movies a year but its something I should get familiar with.

            If I have to render out edits to re import into a final timeline, whats the appropriate format if I haven't decided the final output of the completed work? It will be read back in to the final working file which obviously becomes .psd again.


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              Rob A1 Level 1

              Just in case anyone has the same enquiry, and apologies Im only new to this.


              Edit your clips and and file save to a selected folder you can easily keep track of. Photoshop will assign the file save a .psd (which is the default working format it converts to when it reads your camera file into photoshop) If you want to further edit later leave the default "Layers" ticked in your save routine.

              When you want to bring your clips into your movie timeline, save the edited clips (as copies, whatever) but untick "layers" in the save dialogue box and this will flatten the .psd clip file.


              In your movie file its probably safest to create a new video group/ add media/ select your folder and check "all formats". In mine, "all formats" is last in the list and for some strange reason is hidden off the bottom of the page. It is there, if you cant see it, select any format half way down the roll out, then select your format again and the list will read down from that last selection to reveal "All Formats"


              You can safely edit all your camera clips and then bring them into your movie without first rendering them out to a video format and wasting hours of  time. Photoshop isn't stupid.


              Before I mentioned flattening the edited clips, if you forget to untick "layers" on saving your edited clip, it will still import the unflattened .psd clip without showing the layers in the layers panel, and you will be able to see and play it. But as soon as you touch it, you will get an error message and it will vanish.