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    Computer Very Noisy Startup Until Windows Boots Up

    alexdejesus Level 1

      PC Bootup With New Quadro GPU - YouTube

      Watch the video. As the computer boots up, it gets very noisy. I thought it was the GPU at first, but it doesn't seem to matter which GPU is installed. In fact, this has been happening for a while now since I built this PC a few weeks ago. It was extremely quiet at first. Couldn't even tell it was on. ANd now this terrible noise that I can't explain.


      I removed one GPU and then the other. I suppose it's the motherboard or a fan making the noise - I can't imagine any moving parts on the motherboard that could make that noise. Anyway, once Windows is fully booted up most of the noise dies down except for a small rattling. But not as quiet as it once was.


      I posted to NVidia's and PNY's forums on this, but I don't expect much of an answer because it's looking like it's not GPU related at all. I will try ASUS next


      i7-4930K 6 core processor 3.4 GHz

      ASUS P9X79-E WS motherboard

      64 GB RAM Corsair Dominator

      ASUS Direct CU II OC 3 GB GeForce GTX780

      PNY Quadro K4200

      Intel 530 Series SSD OS Drive

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          Wow, that's awful!


          It is not unusual at all to have some fans on some PCs start initially at a very high RPM during initial boot, and something sounds terribly wrong with at least one fan. The good news is, your problem seems very repeatable. Having a fan that squeals only intermittently is much more difficult to trace down.


          In your case, I would suggest:

          1. Turning PC completely off

          2. Completely and carefully block one fan from spinning

          3. Start PC and let it run for about 2 seconds - that should be long enough to know if you are blocking the noisy fan and short enough to keep from cooking anything due to a stopped fan. You may need to do this with a power strip if your power supply does not have a quick-acting toggle switch to shut it down.


          Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you are blocking the noisy fan. Here's a suggested order: CPU fan 1, CPU fan 2, power supply fan, motherboard chipset fan, any case fans that you have, GPU fans - dead last since changing the GPU did not seem to make any difference, and because it could be kind of difficult to block them carefully (with something long, non-conductive, and soft enough to not damage any of the fans)


          4. Replace the bad fan, and/or fix what may be a mechanical interference problem with a fan


          Good luck!



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            alexdejesus Level 1

            Good news! It was one of the case fans. Some interference with a cable or side cover. Of course, the least accessible fan, but I got it