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    run Flex 1.5 project in Flex 3.0

    Coldfusion-Flex Anil

      Is there any possibility to run Macromedia flex1.5 project in Adobe flex3.0. If so, please send us the solution to the mail ursanilkumar.m@outlook.com.



      Thanks in Advance.

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          pauland Level 4

          If I remember correctly, Flex 1.5 uses Actionscript 2.0 while later versions of Flex use Actionscript 3.0, so I think your answer is almost certainly 'NO'.


          You'll need to rewrite the code. I'm sure Alex Harui will have the definitive answer.

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            Coldfusion-Flex Anil Level 1

            Thanks for your early response....

            Can you send Alex Harui contact mail so that I will approach him through mail. Its high time for me to get resolve this issue in my current project. Kindly help me pauland.

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              pauland Level 4

              I am not part of Adobe and do not have the email details for Alex Harui. It is up to him if he wishes to contribute to the discussion.


              I think your question has been asked in other threads in the past. Don't ask me where.


              Essentially Flex1.5 is an obsolete technology and I think you are looking at a substantial investment to make your project usable with Flex 3.0 (also essentially obsolete).


              I would look at keeping Flex1.5 by using obsolete server software, perhaps a dedicated server machine, or moving forward to Flex 4.6/8 or another technology entirely.


              You do not have an easy way forward.



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                Flex harUI Adobe Employee

                What do you mean by "run 1.5 in 3.0"?  Do you want to use Flex 3 to load a 1.5 SWF?  Or upgrade the 1.5 project to use 3.0?


                It might be possible for some 1.5 SWFs to be loaded by a 3.0 SWF.  I've never tried it.


                Paul is right that Flex 3 uses ActionScript 3 and Flex 1.5 uses ActionScript 2.  Depending on how you wrote your code, it might be practical to port it.  After all, Flex 3 was written by porting Flex 1.5 and Flex 2 from ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3.  It wasn't fun at all, but in your cause, you may not have to port every line.  Prototype inheritance still supposedly works in ActionScript 3.