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    Woeful Support!


      What has happened to the BC support, it used to be so good now it is pretty much none existent. Free open source products have considerably better support.

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          Alex Pavelescu Adobe Employee

          Hi David,


          Sorry to see you've had trouble with the support experience! Let me know what issues you've faced, send me a private message with any case numbers available and we'll investigate the causes of your inconvenience, as well as the ways of improving the experience you have on our channel, at least going forward.


          Kind Regards,


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            I would agree with the above assessment. Your support staff deleted one of our websites without being given authorization to do so. Thankfully, we raised the ticket status and were able to get it back. That on top of the reoccurring down times, it's starting to look like BC isn't such a great option after all. I hate saying that, because I've really grown to love the product over time but the quality control has been severely lacking ever since the switch to AWS.


            BC was slow before, but at least our websites didn't go down. I hope you can fix your internal issues soon because we have a lot of clients in our portal and a lot of potential clients coming down the pipe but we can't maintain a high level of service for our clients if we can't rely on BC to do its job.


            You know it. I know it. Clients are starting to know it and Status knows it. Fix it.

            BC Status

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              I recently moved to BC, and my agency's site has been down (or almost down) for several hours. I hoped that this was a fluke, I contacted support via chat and was told "Yea, the server's down". I waited a moment for an ETA on when it was expected to be up, a sorry for the inconvenience, anything, instead I got a "anything else?"


              Pretty poor support, are you guys saying these type downtimes are a regular occurrence?

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                My sites are down too. We had a client that had a very large client  meeting today to demo their site. This is not a hobby, this is several peoples paychecks, much more care needs to go into this on Adobe's part.


                I can't believe the comment above by KCato. That is totally unacceptable.


                BC needs to spell out what they will do to fix these issues.

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                  Jeffvano Level 1

                  My sites are back up and surprisingly we were able to make the sale. Now the real question is, what will adobe/bc do to fix thesup system wide failures.