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    Opening Indesign file triggers random document opens


      I am working in Indesign CC 2014 am having a particularly odd glitch when opening documents, where, on opening they seem to trigger the opening of other Indesign documents without me even clicking anywhere - let alone wanting to open them in the first place.


      I am working on redesigning page layouts from a printed publication so they fit the format of an ipad magazine - so I tend to copy text and images from one indesign document to the other. I did wonder whether this was some how linking the files so that when i opened one, the other opened automatically but sometimes the document that is triggered is from months ago (which can be very frustrating as indesign opens multiple copies of older files as there is no lock on 'converted' files so I end up with ~20 copies of the same thing that cannot be closed without more opening). It can also be a bit random as to whether it triggers a document opening at all with the same file.


      I have tried ditching my prefs to no avail - and searching for similar topics here, but the only similar one was from 2013


      Fairly new to CC after moving from CS3 earlier this year, so it could be something that I'm just not aware of doing - but any help/insight would be appreciated.


      • This problem also occurs on other machines in the office (all running mavericks) but just appears to be random as to whether it does it or not on each file.

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          Peter Kahrel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is probably caused by cross-references pointing to those other documents that get opened. Are there any in your document? (CS3 didn't have cross-references.) Open the Cross-References panel (Window > Type and Tables > Cross-References) and check if there are any in the panel.


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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Might also be the system preference to reopen windows that were open when an application is closed.

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              agray1982 Level 1

              There's nothing in the cross references panel, I'll keep an eye on this in future though as I was unaware of it - and nothing in system prefs also unfortunately.


              It doesn't seem to happen all the time though, so for example, when I opened a file this morning that i had worked previously with no such issues - lets call it 'september.indd'. As soon september.indd loads, a new document that i didn't ask to open (lets call it 'august.indd') opens up repeatedly - this morning I ended up with september.indd open and 12 x august.indd (all showing as converted). As i tried to close the copies of august.indd more opened up. I ended up just force quitting indesign - and on restarting I got september.indd opening fine with 12 copies of untitled.indd, which all closed fine and I had no more problems with september.indd.


              The whole things abit unpredictable, so i haven't been able to replicate it since my original post but i will keep an eye on it against your suggestions for when it happens again in the next day or so.