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    Photoshop Advanced Exercise


      I'm busy with Photoshop Advanced and I need help with the following exercise. I know how to do 1-5. I struggle with 6 and 7. Can anyone help me please?


      Question 2:

      In this activity, you'll create cuom swatches and use them to apply gradient overlay.  You'll also select color and just it, and you'll colorize a layer.  Finally, you'll add a spot-color channel to the image.


      1.  Open Peppers backgound and save the image as My peppers background.

      2. Create three swatches by sampling the yellow color from the carrot in the logo - the original color, one lighter and one darker.  Name the new colors Harvest Valley yellow, Lighter HV yellow, and Darker HV yellow.

      3. On the Background layer, add a gradient overlay that blends from the Darker HV yellow color to the Lighter HV yellow color.

      4. Select the blue background in the logo. (Hint: Use a color-selection tool or command.  Be sure to select the blue within the letters).

      5. Add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer above the Market logo layer.  Apply the Old Style preset to the adjustment ler.

      6. Colorize the Peppers layer, but not the Background layer.  Give the peppers a yellowish color to match the background.  (Hint: Create a clipping mask).

      7. Select the black color in the text PEPPERS. (Hint: Don't use a type tol to select the type).

      8. Add a spot-color channel that uses the color PANTONE 7403 C.

      9. Hide the PEPPERS text layer.

      10. Update and close the image.