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    Web-Crawler Compliant output from Robohelp 11


      We are using RoboHelp 9 to generate our online document library in webhelp format, and are trying to get this searchable from 3rd party search engines (Google CSE or Swiftype) .  However, we found that the webcrawlers can't get any pages back from our site, and this seems to be related to the frames used in the webhelp html. I've seen comments from people who think that non-frame based HTML 5 would solve our problems and have been evaluating both Flare 10 and RoboHelp 11, and generating output in Responsive HTML5, to see if this works.

      So far we've had no luck with this. We've even tried generating a sitemap.xml, which in theory solves all our problems but web-crawlers don't pick up anything from this either.

      Anybody been down this route and got any ideas ?

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Search engines will automatically only pickup all content when you create pure HTML WebHelp or 508 compliant output. For all other outputs, you need to provide a sitemap. This is also true for Responsive HTML5.


          Just creating a sitemap is not enough, as you also need to register the sitemap with the search engine. It won't pick up the site map automatically. All major search engines have detailed instructions on how to submit site maps.


          I have a script to generate site maps for help (Sitemap generator | WvanWeelden.eu) - commercial script - and I post those site maps to search engines.

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