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    I have lost Lightroom 5.6 due to a hard drive crash. The old hard drive has been replaced. How can I get LR5 back? I don't have a disc. I still have my LR4 disc and key. I have another adobe  key, but don't know if it relates to LR5.


      I have lost Lightroom 5 due to a crashed hard drive. I don't have a back up disc, and I dont think I have a key. I have a an adobe key recorded but don't know if it relates to LR5. I have an LR4 disc and key. LR5 is still intact and running on my laptop, but I need to use LR% on my desktop PC. I need an address to try a download so that I can try the key which might fit it. Any ideas how I can transfer the program (with key) from my laptop? Any other ideas?

      John Carden <john1046@gmail.com>