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      I created form in InDesign but when I exported in PDF it showing the message I can not save form

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Could you more elaborate your question?

          • OS
          • Version
          • How do you create your form
          • Where is the problem in Acrobat or InDesign appearing
          • Screen shots.
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            Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You will have to open it in the full version of Acrobat Pro and resave it as a Reader enabled PDF.

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              SUKHMAN Level 1

              Thanks Larry for your reply.

              But I already done that.

              It is working perfectly on my laptop and computer but when I open on my colleagues computers, then its not working.

              It shows the same message, I can not save this form, I can fill and print out.

              It saved blank form.

              Please help me, it is very urgent for me to sort out.

              Thanks in advance

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                Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                What application did you use to open on the other computers? It will only work in Acrobat or Reader.


                Can you make a copy available for us to check on a file sharing site?

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                  SUKHMAN Level 1

                  Hi Larry


                  I tried in both (Acrobat and Reader)

                  its not working at all.

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                    SUKHMAN Level 1


                    How can I share file.

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                      Nikhil R Gupta Adobe Employee

                      Hi SUKHMAN,


                      Please check if you are creating master pages. As if you create master pages and then export as PDF, it will come as blank file. Make sure you are creating pages and then trying to export as PDF.



                      Nikhil Gupta.

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                        Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                        Hi Sukhman

                        Maybe you didn't save your form in Acrobat Pro properly - as Larry mentioned. Can you check your process again, which should be:


                        Export the ID file as an Interactive PDF.

                        Open the PDF form in Acrobat XI  and then:

                        File > Save As Other > Reader Extended PDF > Enable More Tools (includes for fill-in & save). . . Your users will be able to fill in the form and save it (assuming they have the later versions of Acrobat Reader).

                        Make sure you keep a copy of your original PDF with a different file name as once you've created a Reader Enabled PDF Form you can't change it.


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                          SUKHMAN Level 1

                          Hi Derek


                          I did everything as you, Larry and Nikhil has mentioned, but still its not working on other computers. I tried to open in Acrobat Pro and Reader.


                          I have no idea what to do..

                          And I do have no idea how can I fix that.

                          Next Monday I have to show this form to my Director.

                          Please give me any solution.




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                            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                            Well it could be any number of things.


                            I suggest you set up a new simple test form.


                            Create it in InDesign (which version are you using?), have it include say three labels and three text fields, use the Buttons and Forms panel to assign them as text fields.


                            Export it as an Adobe PDF (Interactive).


                            Open the resulting PDF Acrobat Pro


                            Follow my instructions above for creating a Reader Extended PDF and test.


                            If the above works, create another form, as above, and experiment in the Forms Edit mode in Acrobat, changing the text field properties, such as type-face (use system fonts such as Helvetica), the size and alignment.


                            And report back! Good luck.


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                              SUKHMAN Level 1


                              Hi Derek, Nikhil


                              I put the screen shot, this message I am getting now, after made all those changes as you mentioned.

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                                SUKHMAN Level 1

                                I am using InDesign CC, and Acrobat XI.


                                Thanks all of you in advance.


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                                  SUKHMAN Level 1

                                  Thanks all of you.

                                  I sorted out this problem.

                                  As I found it was happening because of different Timezone on Laptop and computers.


                                  Thanks again.


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                                    Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                                    Very interesting - how did you discover the solution?

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                                      SUKHMAN Level 1

                                      I just noticed different timezone on my laptop and on my work computer.

                                      I set the time on my laptop, after that my file start to work........

                                      Oh.. that is great...... at least I found the solution..


                                      Thanks Derek...

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                                        Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant


                                        you should look WHY you had a different time zone. This alone would NOT cause a termination of the subscription on your computer. But changing the time will stop it as it will stop trial versions to work. This could happen if the battery is low (or some computers have a puffer battery which might be low). If you are traveling be careful changing the time zone if you don't have immediately access to a internet connection to refresh the Creative Cloud subscription information on your computer.