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    Image order in folder


      Images are in a specific order within each folder. I have moved them often to new locations. Do I always have to rename the slides in the folder before I export to a dvd. Appears if I don't the export default rearranges the images in numeric order not keeping the order I wanted.

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          Hal P Anderson Level 6

          Yep, you need to rename with a naming template that includes a sequence number. Your operating system typically shows the contents of a folder in alphabetical order by filename, and there's nothing lightroom can do to have the images shown in your custom order other than to change the filenames.



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            teacher65 Level 1

            Thanks Hal. Any chance this will be a future change or maybe a 3rd party fix.

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              Hal P Anderson Level 6

              Like I said, it's your operating system (Windows or Mac) that determines what order to list your images in. This is true no matter in what order LR  exported your images. That is to say that it isn't a Lightroom problem and couldn't possibly be fixed by Adobe. So, no, there is no chance of a future change. You'll always have to change the filenames on export if you want to maintain a custom order.



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                NicHamilton Level 3

                Totally agree with Hal........ the renaming on export can be automatically by LR.


                Just sort them in the order you want in a Lightroom Collection, select All then Export using a custom sequence for the renaming suffix.


                You can even keep the original file name as part of the file name if you wish but as long as the suffix is sequential then your operating system will leave them in this order on the DVD when created.