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    Error in compiling sample project of Indesign CC 2014

    Priyanka G.



      I am trying to compile sample project of Indesign CC 2014 using VC++ 2013. but it is showing me following error:

      "error C2039: 'assert_not_arg' : is not a member of 'boost::mpl' (..\..\..\source\sdksamples\basicmenu\BscMnuSuiteLayoutCSB.cpp)    D:\Adobe InDesign CC 2014 SDK\external\dva\third_party\boost_libraries\boost\iterator\detail\facade_iterator_catego ry.hpp"


      Build result is also showing "Unknown compiler version - please run the configure tests and report the results".

      I have added following path in "Project properties->VC++ directories->Include directories"

      D:\Adobe InDesign CC 2014 SDK\external\dva\third_party\boost_libraries

      D:\Adobe InDesign CC 2014 SDK\external\dva\third_party\adobe_source_lib


      Please let me know if any kind of settings I need to change in VC++ 2013.

      I am using application Indesign CC 2014 and VC++ 2013 and OS is Windows 8


      Thanks in advance,