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    please help... On click event play animation, only once animation has ended, launch lightbox

    ojrice Level 1

      Hey all,


      I could really use some advise, I have been searching for a good few hours and have come up with nothing.


      I was hoping to play a small animation and launch the edge commons spotlight as soon as the animation ends.


      My code:



      // insert code for mouse click here





            // Open spotlight overlay

      // Set up configuration

      var config = {

          width: 1400,

          height: 900,

          type: "animate",

          source: "http://new.oliverrice.co.uk/folio.html"



      // Open the overlay

      EC.Spotlight.open( config );


      The code launches the spotlight as the animation begins. I would like the 2 second animation to play out first before launching the spotlight.


      Im sure the answer is really simple, though im new to JavaScript and am struggling to work out how to achieve this.


      Are there any clever people that maybe able to help me?