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    Adobe Send


      Using Windows 7 PC, Adobe Acrobat X Pro, I am unable to send files using Adobe Send. It's asking for subscription; I thought subscription included with Acrobat X Pro purchase?

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          florencejohn Level 1



          Adobe Acrobat X Pro is different subscription.

          If you want to use Adobe Send, You need to first subscribe it.




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            bob.treitman Employee Moderator

            Did you purchase Acrobat XI Pro as a perpetual license, or do you have an Acrobat subscription? Adobe Send is included with the latter.

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              awinter@royness.com Level 1

              Florence, I had been using adobe send now in the past; not exactly sure of the last time, but I found record of it from May 2014. I believe I had used it over the summer also...

              Bob, I purchased Acrobat X Pro as perpetual license.

              As I said, I had used Adobe SendNow in the past; and last couple times it wouldn't' work.



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                bob.treitman Employee Moderator

                Hi Alex,


                Adobe Send PAID subscriptions, which allow you to send personalized links, add custom branding, and allow the sending of audio/video files, are not included in the Acrobat X Pro perpetual license. As I noted earlier, they are included in the Acrobat XI subscription.


                I just checked your account (the one associated with the AdobeID you are using to post here in the forum) and it shows that your SendNow account is at the FREE level. This means that your Adobe Send account would also be at the FREE level.  So you could use SendNow (or Adobe Send) but if you attempted to use any of the features that are for PAID users, then you will be offered an Upgrade option.


                When you say that Adobe SendNow wouldn't work, could you provide me with details? What errors, if any, did you get? the more specific you can be, the better I can assist. Are you trying to use it from a web browser, from Outlook, or from Acrobat or Adobe Reader?


                Note that we are transitioning users to Adobe Send from SendNow, which will be put into Read-Only mode later this year, and then turned off permanently in early January.