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    connecting but not tranferring

      We recently changed one of our websites to a new host server. Since we did this, I get the same message on my computer and the other PC's in our office except one (which is a Mac): "Contribute successfully connected to the server, but is unable to transfer data. The network may be down, or there may be a firewall restriction. Please check your network connection and try again, or contact your administrator. I have contacted our server and tried to find the problem to no avail. We check the ftp program & I can connect & upload files onto it without a problem. Anyone have any ideas for me? I also have chosen "passive ftp" and not chosen it... it doesn't work no matter what I pick. I am however able to connect to a different website server where we maintain a seperate site. Thanks for any help.
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          I am having the same problem on a Vista workstation. The site was setup with Contribute 3 and I am now trying to use CS3.

          I've gone through the troubleshooting KB articles and the ftp server works well. Plus DW CS3 works fine.

          Contribute never opens up to allow selection of different ftp folders on the server. This web site has one ftp folder above the public http files for data. I suspect that is causing the problems. But I have not found a work around.

          Also the search on this web site does not work well... It cannot find anything using 'unable to transfer data' (without the quotes of coarse)