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    Ignore Warnings in ES3




      I've been trying to reduce the number of warnings and errors in my applications. Some of these I simply can't do anything for, like WBP-105 (Count of declared activities XX exceeds recommendation). My process needs those activities so I decided to ignore the warning. I've followed the instructions here: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/10.0/WorkbenchHelp/WS92d06802c76abadb-1cc35bda128261 a20dd-7ffc.html but it never works. There's also other properties that lets workbench ignore certain warnings altogether, but it doesn't work either.





      Furthermore, looking at the documentation, these properties are different from the ones I found in my workbench.ini. I think the docs are outdated.


      104 (Dubious parameter coercion from variable XX to parameter XX ('boolean' to 'java.lang.Boolean'), my variables are all defined as 'boolean' but Workbench is seeing them as 'java.lang.Boolean'. I think workbench should be smart enough to figure this is correct. Or Adobe should not let us use 'boolean' and force us to use 'java.lang.Boolean' all the time. Same goes for the other primitive data types.


      If somebody could tell me what the right properties in the workbench.ini file are, that would be great.




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          Varun_Nohria Level 1

          Below are the properties which you can modify to get rid of WBP-105 abd WBP-104




          Hope this helps



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            teknix2 Level 1

            Hi Varun,


            Thanks for the suggestions, they were not part of my post but I had already tried these too. Also, I managed to contact people at Adobe through another channel and they confirmed that there is a problem. If you ask me, I think the whole ini file isn't being loaded up.




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              TundraSteve Employee Moderator

              The ini file is being loaded, if you make the changes to the ini file and restart workbench you can right click on a process and select validate and items such as numvars will be honored.

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                teknix2 Level 1

                Well something else is not right then because I have the following lines set in my workbench.ini:




                And I am still getting:
                [WBP-104] Count of declared variables 32 exceeds recommendation.

                [WBP-105] Count of declared activities 67 exceeds recommendation.


                Doing validate on my process does not help. I always see the same thing in the validation report.


                I am modifying the workbench.ini in this folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES3\workbench". Is this right?