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    Popup window doesn't show in correct position in responsive design (was: place object at cursor)

    randy@technologyskills Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm creating a software demonstration using screen captures and Edge Animate.  There are popup windows in this product where the user hovers the mouse over a row of data and a popup appears at the mouse position with more information about that data.  I have used

      sym.$("myObject").css({"position":"absolute", "top":e.pageY , "left":e.pageX});

      and it works fine until I set the stage to "responsive" or I scroll down the page to access more rows of data.  When this happens, the popup appears far from the mouse.


      I'm not a strong coder, but does anyone know how I can get Edge Animate to recognize the true position of the mouse on the screen and then tell the popup to appear there?


      Any advice would be appreciated.