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    Can't get a cross reference to jump to destination

    dfkurz Level 1

      I have created a cross reference to a heading in the same document. I want to be be able to have this function just a like a link - when you click on it in the pdf, you jump to that spot in the doc (this doc will be read online). I created the cross reference easily - it shows the text I am linking to and the page number correctly. But it does not function as a link in the pdf. I have tried setting up the cross reference with the Link to Paragraph, as well as Link to Text Anchor options. Neither of them work. (But if I select the "Go To Destination" menu option in the Hyperlinks panel in InDesign, it jumps directly to the correct spot).


      I am used to working in FrameMaker, and this function is quite easy to do in Frame. I know I must be missing some obvious and simple step, but I am stumped.


      Thanks in advance for your help.