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    CC Illustrator and InDesign crashing when moving objects


      This problem began a week ago out of nowhere. I didn't install anything new or update anything that would cause any sort of conflict (as far as I know). I've tried suggestions in other posts such as trashing prefs, reinstalling, signing out of CC, moving folder, unplugging mouse, etc. I previously had CS6 installed and it was happening in those versions too.


      I reformatted my entire computer to see if that fixed the issue, and the first thing I reinstalled was CC to ensure there wasn't anything else causing a conflict, but it is still crashing.


      I'm running on a late 2013 15" MBP

      Processor: 2.3GHz i7

      Memory: 16 GB

      Graphics: Iris Pro/NVIDIA GeForce GT 750m

      OS: OS X 10.9.5


      Crash log: Process: Adobe InDesign CC 2014 [775] Path: /Applications/Ad - Pastebin.com