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    How great (or not) would a Quadro K6000 be for Premiere Pro?

    Lord Fluff

      Hi all


      I don't have deep enough pockets to consider this card normally, but I've been offered a once-in-a-lifetime price on a brand new K6000 (basically 60% off full price). I only really want it for Premiere Pro (and Avid, which doesn't make much use of CUDA anyway) and because hardly anyone would think of doing this it seems almost impossible to judge if this would be a blazing fast card, or realistically no better than say a GTX780Ti.


      It would be to go into a Hp z820 32Gb 16 core machine with a super fast RAID, so the other aspects of the system will more than keep up - I just want to get a feel (if anyone happens to know) for how much this card might boost PP performance (I know it's a monster in AE, or 3D modelling, but neither of those are going to be what I use the machine for).


      My suspicion is that a Titan Black, or even a GTX980 would more than keep up, but the price of the K6000 (and I guess the kudos of owning one) keeps drawing me back to buying it……gotta decide soon though


      Thanks for any useful input that anyone out there might have