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    mobile sync not detecting collections, would like to know way to fix this and what is going on


      up to date LR 5.6, windows 7 64 bit

      Ipad Air 128gb, latest download of LR mobil


      despite syncing collections, they aren't picked up by LRM


      I have 9 smart collections and these I'd like to sync online, when I right click smart collections I choose "Create Collection"
      I don't check "include selected photos" as I want them all
      I don't click "Make new virtual copies" as I don't want to double up my image count
      I don't click "Make as target collection" because I don't know what that is
      I click "Sync with Lightroom Mobile" and then click


      Then, I get the double arrow icon in the collection which lists the name as Collection unless I change it, then I click "Create"
      Then...nothing happens on the ipad, I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times


      Could someone help please?