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    Commercial Printer Recommendations?

    Lou Dina Level 3

      I hope this is not an inappropriate question for this forum. I apologize in advance if it is (and if so, and an administrator is welcome to remove this post).


      I need to send (8) 8.5X11 final trim, 4/4 brochures to an offset printing press. There will be Four 4-pagers and Four 8-pagers. I'll also want full flood aqueous coating. I plan on placing all 8 jobs with a single commercial printer at the same time, so a large format press is probably the way to go. This ought to help keep setup costs lower by combining jobs, where possible. My customer is located in the Baltimore area, though the printer doesn't need to be, but I'd prefer somebody reasonably close to keep transportation reasonable and quick. The client only wants 1000 each (8000 brochures total).


      My client is VERY cost conscious (pronounced CHEAP), so I am looking for a printer who is very competitive, but one with good quality and good control over color. I'm not located in that area, so I could use some guidance.If they implement a full color managed workflow, all the better, but it's not absolutely necessary. 


      I've tried a few low cost, online "gang printers" before, but I wasn't overly thrilled with the results or the ability to converse with the right people (or get the right information).


      If anybody can offer some recommendations that fit the above, I'd appreciate it.