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    click action wont work in Edge Animate


      I dont know why but my click action wont work with my button. Any help is appreciated.



      * Adobe Edge Animate Composition Actions


      * Edit this file with caution, being careful to preserve

      * function signatures and comments starting with 'Edge' to maintain the

      * ability to interact with these actions from within Adobe Edge Animate



      (function($, Edge, compId){

      var Composition = Edge.Composition, Symbol = Edge.Symbol; // aliases for commonly used Edge classes



         //Edge symbol: 'stage'

         (function(symbolName) {



            Symbol.bindElementAction(compId, symbolName, "${_button}", "click", function(sym, e) {

               // insert code for mouse click here

               // Navigate to a new URL in the current window

               // (replace "_self" with appropriate target attribute)

               window.open("http://www.sunbgi.com/thesundifference.html", "_self");






            //Edge binding end




         //Edge symbol end:'stage'



      })(jQuery, AdobeEdge, "EDGE-711263155");