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    Reflective Movie

      I'm looking for a way to mirror a movie's playback,like a faded reflection. Without adding a copy of the said movie or increasing file size. I want it to do this with any call to play movie. Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance.
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          pcst88 Level 1
          I'm not so good with AS, but I think u can create a new movie clip with AS and place it behind ( supposing u want it behind) the movie then u create a new movie clip inside that one, and apply alpha and blur filters to the firs movieClip Instance and load an instance of the movie into the second one. If I'm not wrong Flash comes with a really good Sample of this.

          1.- Create a layer named "action" and place this code:
          this.createEmptyMovieClip("imageClip", 1);
          imageClip.createEmptyMovieClip("nestedClip", 1);

          var imageLoader:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader ();
          imageLoader.loadClip ( movieClipInstance, imageClip.nestedClip);

          then u apply filters to the "imageClip", but that's as far as I go, sorry.

          PS. I'm not sure if that code is 100% right, but is just to get u going
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            pacep Level 1
            Thanks for the assist, I 'll give it a shot.