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    InDesign Mail Merge Problem


      Almost all aspect of mail merge is working except:


      • I've tried every method to have the excel .csv file with Name/ Address show up on allocated text box on (8x3 sticker label for envelopes) but Indesign keeps on creating a new page for a single listing (ie. page one as 1 name and address, page two has 2 etc...)
      • I think I have spent a good two hours trying different methods, Youtube etc...
      • I have also created a a whole new Indesign doc same result.
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          MW Design Level 5

          Which thread should I respond to?


          On the merge panel, when you go to merge to a new document, there is a tab for multiple merge records per page.


          Oh, and if you dare to preview, the ID template can become corrupted. If you preview, uncheck the preview box, hit undo. But if the layout goes wonky it is because of previewing. It's a really long-standing bug. If that happens, copy the text frame with the merge fields to a new document and resist previewing.