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    tracing loaded external SWF bytes

      I have a file that loads 13 external Swfs into a shell. When they are all loaded, the shell plays the files in succession. That works fine, but I a trying to show the progress of the loading process, but the flash pretty much freezes until all of the files are loaded then jumps my progress bar all the way to the end. Basically, nothing is allowed to happen until the scenes are all loaded completely. I can't even put a revolving animation on the main timeline to display until the files are loaded. The animation just sits on frame one until all the files are loaded, then starts to play, which defeats the purpose. Is there anyway to pause the code until the first movie is loaded, hten move on to then next movie load or a way to concurrently display bytes loaded while the file is being loaded.

      var courseArray:Array= Array("Scene1.swf", "Scene2.swf", "Scene3.swf", "Scene4.swf", "Scene5.swf", "Scene6.swf", "Scene7.swf", "Scene8.swf", "Scene9.swf", "Scene10.swf", "Scene11.swf", "Scene12.swf", "Scene13.swf");
      startup = function() {

      this.createEmptyMovieClip("scene"+(i+1), (i+1));
      this["scene"+(i+1)].loadMovie(courseArray );


      for (i=0; i<13; i++) {
      //****Jumps progress bar 1/13th of the way each time the loading code happens****

      The code all seems to happen immediately because the progressBar jumps all the way to the end right away, but the flash freezes until the files are completely loaded. Can I pause this code until each individual file is finished loaded, then run the next loop?