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    Switching from PC to Mac - Using External Drives




      I have Lightroom 5 (Creative Cloud) and currently use a Windows 7 32 bit Laptop and a 1TB external HDD (connected via USB2, designated as my 'G' Drive) that stores my LR Catalogues and the Library of Photos that LR has created.  I want to switch to a MacBook pro with 64 Bit OSX.  I have looked at other questions on this forum about switching, but I'm concerned that all my current LR catalogues point to this external G drive.  I plan to connect my MacBook pro to an external RAID drive via Thunderbolt, which will contain my 'Master' LR5 Catalogues and photo Libraries.  My Questions are :


      (1) Will I need to designate this drive to be a 'G' Drive - does Mac work that way ?  I don't want to have to go through the (prolonged) pain of finding all the photos manually !

      (2) How do I ensure that the Windows Hierarchy is 'replicated' on the Mac formatted RAID when it is transferred ?  I gather that Macs don't naturally store folders and files in this way.  Is there a particular App that facilitates this ?


      Thanks for your help,