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    Amount of cores used

    AE setting specifications


      So I need to clear this up.

      In the Edit>preferences>multithreading


      We see the options:

      RAM reserved for other apps:

      Installed CPU's:

      CPU's reserved for other apps:


      Amount of CPU's actually used:


      If I have 6 core processor and in the settings I set aside/reserve 2 CPU's for other applications.

      I have a filter on top of my composition to try to make the render more CPU intensive since the rendering process will go faster if CPU is helping along with the render.

      That means after Effects is using 4/6 cores. (HypterThreading is disabled) The 2 cores I set aside are to be used if I'm doing something outside of After Effects correct?

      AND YET -- when you go into task manager it still says all 6 cores are being used, when I'm running nothing but After Effects?

      Why is this?