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    lightroom 4.4; transfering images from laptop to desktop


      I am using lightroom 4.4.  I have a more than 10000 images on my desktop computer.  I have just bought a laptop and installed lightroom on it.  When travelling I intend to perform basic library functions (deleting poor images, create file names for photos, add keywords and other meta data info) with the laptop. my lap top has limited storage, so I will be using an external drive.  I have two questions:  1. how can use the laptop external drive as my temporary catalog so as not to use up space on my SSD drive?  2.  what do I need to do ensure when I transfer the photos from the laptop external drive to my desktop catalog that file names, keywords and metadata etc are included in the transfer. 

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          Q1 is easy to answer: You can open a specific catalog (at least in LR 5.x) and also create a new one, of course on any drive You'd like.


          Q2 is much harder; I'm just starting to solve this for my own.

          One solution could be to have the catalog on some private (Own-) Cloud space while the pictures reside on the HD. Dunno if that can be done, but with my reasonably fast connections I will try that anyway.


          A much more complicated way would be tu use DBSchemaCrawler and diff (from the cygwin-collection) together with some scripting elements. Those could be the integrated LUA from LR, Windows Powershell or bash (also from cygwin), and probably the native sqlite commandline utility. :-/


          Either way, the pictures have to have the same drive letter and path on both computers, since this root is stored in the DB. One can use the subst command from windows or a softlink under Mac OS To ensure this.


          IF noone else comes up with a good and working solution, stay tuned; I'm pretty sure I can solve that before the end of the year.