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    Zoom In/Out Button with Pan AS3

    Xadap Level 1

      Good Day! I'm new to Flash AS3,

      And I have a major problem on my project


      What I've been doing is an Interactive map and some functions along with a zoom in/out and pan button

      I've got the code on the zoom in/out button, problem is when there is no limitation when I zoomed it in(Still researching this)


      Here is my code in the zoom in(I just change the + to - on the zoom out button ofc!)





      "I don't have any codes for the Pan Button yet"

      What my final output would be this, in the Black line square that would be my limit in the zoom in/out , and that is the area where

      I could only use my Pan button.



      Any codes that is related to this would help me.

      I've also research about the Javascript that can zoom/pan but it's only for JPG, i tried the SWF file but it didn't work.