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    Photoshop CS6 Problems- Shortcuts are Stuck! Lasso Does Not Work!


      Hi there! I'm a Mac user with a Cintiq 12WX tablet, and I just upgraded to Photoshop CS6. I use it primarily for art, but I've come across some problems that have really interrupted my workflow. A lot of the time, certain functions seem to not work or get stuck. Here are my problems specifically:


      1. My Undo shortcut is set to Command+Z. Some of the time it works fine, but most of the time I keep hitting the command and nothing happens! So if I want to delete a brush stroke, I usually have to tap multiple with my stylus and make more strokes in order to get Undo to work. Frustrating!


      2. The lasso tool works sometimes, but a lot of the time it doesn't select anything. So I have to keep repeating the stroke until it does select.


      3. Sometimes, the keyboard shortcuts just don't work! And even if a tool is selected, I can't do anything with it!


      These problems are all completely random, I have no idea what triggers them. I've read of other people having similar problems, but I have yet to find a solution. Nothing like this happened in CS5. Does anybody know how to help me? I make me living with art and these problems have really slowed me down. Thank you!