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    Equivalent of Photoshop Layer Comps in After Effects?


      How do you approach rendering out elements in a complicated AE project?


      I am exporting a montage of green screen interviews of several characters speaking over illustrated backgrounds. The client wants the backgrounds, characters, and graphic animations rendered as separate files with alpha. There are 36 comps in the main timeline. I wish I had the power of Photoshop Layer Comps to "store" variations in layer visibility within those 36 comps to achieve these three separate renders (backgrounds, characters, graphics animation) so I could make a revision in the future and have it ripple through. I know I could just save three different versions of the project and setup each specifically for backgrounds, characters, and graphic animations, but then if the client wants to revise anything I'll have to make those changes in three timelines instead of one. Make any sense? Thoughts?


      To use the Layer Comp Photoshop example, if I isolate individual layers into their own layer comp, then make a change to a layer it ripples through the appropriate layer comp. One project. One file. "Memory slots" available for quick recall of specific layer visibility combinations.