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    Scroll position to update with the navigation timeline

    John Paul Cagata

      Good Day Everyone, im new to edge. well to cut it short. im a designer/animation and not a full blooded programmer


      im making a website which is a parallax scrolling... heres my site: Engaging Event Videos



      this is my navigation2014-09-24_1154.png


      it works fine, but the problem is it does not update the scroll (time)" im not sure if this is the correct term".  as you can see on my site.. when you clicked the navigation and scroll again..

      it comes back to where you were before you click the navigation..


      heres my js code:




        $('body').css('height','6000px').append('<p> debug </p)');

        $(window).on('scroll', function() {





        function checkScroll(){


        var myComposition = AdobeEdge.getComposition('EEV');

        var scrollPos = $(window).scrollTop();

        var docHeight = $(document).height();

        var winHeight = $(window).height();

        var duration = myComposition.getStage().getDuration();


        var scrollPercent = scrollPos / (winHeight - docHeight);

        var animPosition = Math.floor(duration * (scrollPercent * -1));












      navigation code:







      thanks in advance guys,