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    Control Flash8 swf movie in Flex 2

    Gregor Rot
      I have a swf (output from OpenOffice, created from a PowerPoint presentation) and i want to control it from Flex 2 (i don't have the .fla file of the swf).

      Is this possible at all? I can load the swf and display it, but no way of accessing it as a MovieClip to use gotoFrame and so on. Anyone?
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          peterent Level 2
          Unfortunately you cannot control a SWF8 from a Flex 2 application because they run in different virtual machines within the Flash Player. You can only communicate with them using LocalConnection. Check my blog for an article on how do that.

          If you do have Flash 8, write another SWF which loads ("wraps") this PowerPoint SWF and can control it. Add LocalConnection to your SWF wrapper so Flex 2 can communicate with the wrapper and the wrapper can control the PowerPoint SWF.
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            jaco_graaff Level 1
            Hi - I have a swf8 file that loads external swf- files - all in FL8 - and my main interface is in flex -
            In my fl8 swf i would hav a variable: var global_mc:MovieClip - my swf file will se them as being in the _root or level0 when the file first loads - but then they start to get messed up with flex - i.e. - the file loaded will show up as
            fl8: 5. created _root.testMC10
            on a test - but when I call the global_mc variable again later it gives me: _level0.Presentations0.mainPanel.contentPane.HDividedBox6.VBox41.mainTabCanvas.contentPan e.mainTab.contentPane.VBox47.swfLoaderMain.FlexLoader171.instance186.testMC10
            as its name - the problem is that I can still access properties like _x and _width, _name - but i cannot run functions on the MovieClip from within swf - i.e. global_mc.stop() and so on... Any solution????